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Webinar Event
V28 Observations in
Prospective & Concurrent
Chart Review Programs Webinar

December 6th | 10am PST.

CMS unveiled the MA Payment Notice in early 2023, and now, as we find ourselves 11 months into V28, it's time to take stock of our observations, specifically in prospective and concurrent review programs.

We are excited to invite you to a webinar hosted by Tam Pham, Chief Product Officer at Chirok Health. During this webinar, Tam will dive into the following key topics: 

  • V28 Model in Prospective and Concurrent Reviews: Explore our observations regarding suspected conditions in prospective review as well as our observations regarding queries in concurrent review.  

  • V28 Prevalence: Sampling of patients with completed AWVs in 2023. 

  • V24 Codes: Review V24 codes to be sunsetted and their impact on risk adjustment programs. 


RISE National 2024

March 17-19, 2024

Join us on Monday, March 18th at 2:15pm for our speaking session titled:

“Unlocking Provider Engagement – The Vital Elements of a CDI Program”

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