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AI Vendor Audits

The industry has embraced technology to aid in suspecting or predicting diagnoses, streamlining clinical reviews, and boosting coding productivity. However, the effectiveness of these predictions can vary based on data availability within an organization, and manual human review of clinical records may still outperform technology in certain cases. At Chirok, our track record demonstrates that today's available technology algorithms have inherent gaps when it comes to predicting or capturing diseases. We specialize in vendor auditing services for AI technology. Whether you are currently evaluating AI technology or have already implemented it and want to gauge its predictive accuracy, our expert teams excel in vendor assessment and can help you evaluate the accuracy of vendor algorithms.

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General Audits

Our auditing service is customizable to specific payer policy or organizational policy to mitigate risk, increase coding accuracy and produce optimal results. We have reviewed over a million visits and use inferential statistical analysis and modeling to identify records most likely to contain an error, those with the highest risk, highest denial rate and an even distribution of other services.


We collaborate with our clients to resolve any issues to improve accuracy and eliminate risks. We assist with standardization and education focused on the areas of needs.

  • Professional Coding

  • DRG Validation

  • APC Validation

  • HCC Coding

  • Home Health and Hospice 

  • Charge Capture

  • CMS Federally Focused

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

  • Admission Status Review

  • Focused Chart Audits

Modern Doctors

Consultation and CDI Services

Design, customize and implement a CDI program for both hospital and ambulatory services using a combination of clinicians and coders to ensure optimization of documentation, better quality, mitigate risk and accurate coding.

Our program focuses on reducing burden from clinician's daily workload, optimize documentation to capture the acuity more accurately, and increase patient-clinicians engagement. Our program is tailored to fit your organizational needs through customization of:

  • Education Programs

  • Operational Assessments

  • Project Management

  • Training (Coding & Documentation)

  • Establish Key Relationships

  • Defined and Shared Mission

  • Key Performance Indicators

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