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 Chirok Health Outpatient E/M Calculator is a tool used to select the level of service based on the 2021 Outpatient E/M rules. Within our experience, providers, and their administrative support staff of coders, medical records analysts, and billing coordinators, have accommodated themselves to overly complex rules and requirements under the 1995 and 1997 E/M coding guidelines. These rules have been replaced. The result has been that providers are frequently over documenting or underbilling (or both) for the patient care they provide under the 2021 Outpatient E/M rules. The calculator uses an approach that guides the user to the simplest appropriate criteria based on the level of service.


The Chirok Health Outpatient E/M Calculator is available for anyone to download for a nominal fee at all major app stores and is integral to the CDI services we offer our providers.


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