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Pre-Visit Review

Pre-visit chart review involves reviewing a patient's medical history and current condition before their scheduled appointment. This process can be carried out by trained clinical coders, clinicians, and physicians.

The primary goal of pre-visit chart review is to ensure that the doctor at the point of care has all the necessary information to provide comprehensive care, enabling the assessment of all known conditions during the visit.

Benefits of Pre-visit Chart Review:
1.    Improved Appointment Efficiency: When physicians have all necessary information in advance, they can dedicate more time to patient care, reducing information retrieval time. This leads to shorter wait times and increased patient satisfaction.
2.    Enhanced Quality of Care: By reviewing a patient's medical history, physicians can identify potential problems or concerns, enabling the development of personalized care plans.
3.    Reduced Medical Errors: With comprehensive information, physicians are less likely to make mistakes, resulting in improved patient safety and outcomes.
4.    Enhanced Communication: A thorough understanding of the patient's medical history allows physicians to answer questions and address concerns more effectively, leading to improved patient understanding and satisfaction.
5.    Improved Patient Experience: Patients are more confident and trusting in their care when they know their physician has reviewed their medical history, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Tasks in Pre-visit Chart Review:
•    Review the patient's medical history, including past medical problems, medications, allergies, and immunizations.
•    Examine the results of recent diagnostic tests, such as laboratory tests, imaging studies, or electrocardiograms.
•    Summarize the patient's current medical condition and any patient or family concerns.
•    Develop a plan for the upcoming appointment, including any questions the physician may have for the patient.

In conclusion, pre-visit chart review plays a vital role in delivering high-quality patient care. By dedicating time to review a patient's medical history and current condition beforehand, physicians can enhance efficiency, quality, safety, communication, and the overall patient experience.

Pre-Visit Review Case Study

Patients Chart

Chirok Health has effectively completed a Pre-Visit Review project in partnership with a large physician group, encompassing the review of more than 50,000 patient records. Our experienced team of clinical medical record reviewers has identified previously overlooked diagnoses for presentation at the point of care, leading to a remarkable 31% improvement in patient risk score accuracy.

RAF Accuracy Improvement

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