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Concurrent Review

Concurrent chart review involves the examination of a patient's medical record while they are currently receiving treatment in a hospital or private practice. Its primary aim is to promptly detect potential issues or concerns, allowing for early intervention to prevent complications or treatment delays.

Benefits of Concurrent Chart Review:

1. Enhanced Quality of Care: By ensuring accurate diagnoses and treatment, concurrent chart review contributes to improved patient care quality.

2. Reduced Medical Errors: Identifying issues in advance helps mitigate the risk of medical errors, thereby enhancing patient safety.

3. Efficiency Improvement: It facilitates the timely provision of additional services to patients who require them, leading to more efficient care delivery.

4. Improved Communication: Concurrent chart review fosters better communication among healthcare providers, ensuring everyone is well-informed about the patient's care.

Concurrent Chart Review Process:

  • Review the Patient's Medical Record: Thoroughly examine the patient's medical history and current records.

  • Identify Potential Issues: Spot any problems or concerns within the patient's records.

  • Communication with Healthcare Team: Share identified concerns with the patient's healthcare team for collaborative decision-making.

  • Develop an Action Plan: Create a plan to address the identified concerns, considering the patient's unique needs.

  • Monitoring and Adjustment: Continuously monitor the patient's progress and make adjustments to the care plan as necessary.

In conclusion, concurrent chart review plays a vital role in delivering high-quality patient care. By reviewing a patient's medical records while they are actively receiving treatment, healthcare providers can promptly address potential issues, resulting in improved care quality, reduced medical errors, and enhanced efficiency in care delivery.

Concurrent Review Case Study

Chirok Health working with a large primary care physicians group where a team of 350+ experienced pro-fee and HCC coders reviews 1M+ visits annually and help primary care physicians burden free from coding and charge entry nuances. Here is a summary of the benefits from project so far.


Increase in E/M Accuracy Rate


Increase in work RVU Accuracy


Increase in Counselling Services


Increase in

Screening Services


Increase in

RAF Accuracy

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