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Chirok Health assists health care providers in matching their efforts towards quality patient care with the processes and accurate documentation needed to assure revenue and compliance integrity. With my many years of experience as a coder and a compliance professional, I understand the desire of providers to capture accurately the hard work they do without putting themselves or their patients at risk for documentation and billing errors. My unique strength is bringing together the highly complex technical documentation, coding and billing requirements for large physician groups, academic medical centers and integrated providers networks into practical, workable processes that retain patient care as the central focus.

Following the Chirok principles, my team of experts has extensive knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid guidelines as well as the various requirements of a compliant healthcare revenue cycle function to include coding, billing and reimbursement. My team members have earned nationally recognized professional compliance and coding credentials but also have first-hand field experience and targeted training in the policies and regulations that govern the organizations that we serve.


the presenter, was very resourceful and patient. She explained things clearly and answered all my questions. Time well spent with her!  (Dallas, TX)

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